The EN test is a standard test required for all competition  frames.
This test measures the strength of the frame, the duration or the stress to the suspension.
The types of stress that a frame experiences are:
•     The downturn in the housing system of the central tube movement, whilst pedaling.
•     Twisting and compression of the headset when braking.
•     Stress on the rear right, where transmission takes place.
The EN test produces  static and dynamic stress  to the frame. It is made solely on the fork. (The stems are repetativley put into contraction using a lot of pressure. some what like an emergency stop at high speed, to test the duration of its exertion.
The 9 EN Tests are:
1.    BB Stiffness: Calculation of rigidity of the bottom bracket (the bends under a given pressure)
2.    HT Impact Test: Test of impact of the head tube of frame.
3.    HT Compress: Compression of the head tube of frame.
4.    ST Compress: Seat tube frame.
5.    HT Fatigue: Resistance  of the head tube of frame.
6.    FT Fatigue: Resistance seat tube frame.
7.    BB Torsion: Central twisting movement of the bracket.
8.    Completed Frame Fatigue: Testing of the complete frame.
9.    HT Stiffness: Twist steering group.
The frame Kyklos passed all tests without any problems, and results came higher than required by the
Kyklos frames are reinforced on both sides evenly, on the rear for stability and rigidness only.
•     Stress persisted during a sprint, in particular the twisting of the central tubewhich houses the moving system.
•     Stresses duringbreaking, in particular the twist of the headset.
•     Generated forces on the rear right or where the transmission takes place.