Killer SLR technology

Kyklos has given life to Killer SLR, the high tech single piece, to be used with different setups. To create this little gem the most innovative materials have been employed, assembled with a top notch construction technique.
Our 3D scanner sistem allows us to execute the most strict and precise dimensional controls, with the purpose of ensuring an absolute perfection in the geometries and shapes of the frame.

Killer SLR has a weight of 800 grams. It is made of carbon fiber Toray T800, monocoque, with junction gluing in the rear part of the bike. This material allows to assemble the components, ensuring the fiber’s continuity and uniformity, curbing the weight but keeping the resistance features intact. The rear monocoque triangle ensures solidity and resistance to bending in the most crucial and stressed spots of the frame. The carbon fibers are placed at different degrees, according to the pieces involved: steerer tube, top tube, down tube, seat tube, rear stays: this further stratagem confers rigidity and resistance to the most stressed spots. In the end the “Slooping” structure enables to develop six sizes, from XS to XXL.

Reactivity, easiness and precision of riding: with Killer SLR the cyclist can fully enjoy every single push of pedal.