Kyklos Bike

La bici dal design italiano

Kyklos: from the ancient Greek the circle, the wheel, the cycle. Just six letters to express the idea behind this Italian firm. The link between performance and technology, the perfect pair of wheel and frame: a project that Kyklos drives forward thanks to its long experience in the field, to guarantee the highest technical quality, with an eye on design and style, both typically Italian.

Many are the factors that contribute to reach this result: the best carbon fibers, new generation resins for the construction of tubes and monocoque, which allow to obtain always original shapes and structures. On top of that the elegance of the Kyklos design is added.

Born from the passion for road racings, Kyklos has grown until including in its array wheels of different profiles and customizations for the more demanding clients. With 30 years of high level cycling experience all over the world, today Kyklos offers a unique adventure to every aficionado.

Company with certified quality system ISO 9001:2008.

Winning, innovative and elegant: these are the Kyklos bikes.