Kyklos Bike

Italian design and quality on street

Kyklos in Greek means “circle”, “wheel”, “spin.” Six letters enclosing
The idea behind our company: to build a high performance bicycle on a typical Italian style. The best carbon fiber, unidirectional (UD) Toray T800 and T700, the
new generation of most suitable resins for the production of racing frames, the
most advanced technology for the realization of pipes and monocoque, the
bonding technique junction, Italian design: Kyklos bikes have a
unique, innovative and winning DNA.In the main triangle, entirely full carbon made, monocoque has been applied in order to obtain a reinforcement in critical areas, just like the
bottom bracket and the headset. With the bonding junction to the rear frame, always in
monocoque, is assembled with the main triangle.The Toray Carbon is the strongest and most powerful material available today on carbon market and represents the best combination of dominant form and dominant strength (high modulus). Main triangle, rear frame, fork tilt and seat tube tilt, solidity in the bottom bracket area and in the head tube area: a
set of elements designed to meet the athletes and the most demanding cyclists. Creating a whole between mechanical means and athletes: everything is designed to have a compact bike and as moving as possible on any type of ground, at any speed.
The specific sheath stop and battery support, offer a perfect interface to
all the electronic transmission systems on the market, without needing
clamps or additional adhesive tapes. The most straightforward solution for the integration of Kyklos
electronic transmission.
The aerodynamic shape, the Toray carbon, the alloy accessories that allow
the adjustment with millimeter precision, give the seat post a light weight. It is designed and built to withstand the maximum stresses, even in the most difficult competitions. This is linked to the maximum comfort for everyday use, for routes of any difficulty and in the most diverse conditions. The sections of the frame tubes, fork and seat post are innovative, they cut through the air and give an incomparable aerodynamic advantage. For each point of the frame we use the exact quantity of material needed, without excess or defect. This level of thoroughness is possible only thanks to the perfect combination of raw materials of the highest level and accuracy in machining processes. Our shapes are designed to have everything you wish from a top range bike: maximum tensile strength, absolute aerodynamics for higher speeds, high drivability when changing direction and extremely safe driving. Kyklos geometries are the result of decades of experience in the world of professional racing.
Born from the passion of street racing, Kyklos has grown exponentially including various customization in its range for most demanding clients. With 30 years of cycling experience at the highest level around the world, today the Kyklos offers a unique experience of riding to its fans. Our design system with 3D scanner allows you to make and pass the strictest dimensional checks of the frame. All starting from vision, design, dexterity and the Italian traditional craftsmanship.
Our acceptance tests of the frames meet the strictest international standards
such as UNI EN ISO 4210-6.
Kyklos is a company with certified quality system, UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.